Intelligence to understand and reach DIVERSITY at scale

Cultural Intelligence brings together hundreds of the world’s diverse media owners with deep, comparable information and a powerful intelligence capability to drive insight


Your planning journey towards diversity is fuelled by insight

The intelligence section is a planners toolkit with multiple sources for insight into diverse communities. Find inspiration and insight for your planning with analysis of diverse content trends, benchmarks for sector surveys, structured media owner information, brand uplift, and key survey responses.


Access multiple information sources on diversity

Here you will find reports built from diverse communities in Sentiment and also from wider sources through Deca. Expertly configured and structured by our diversity specialist team, these reports show how brands and issues, passion points and interests resonate with the many communities we connect to.

Sources curated by diversity specialist consultants

These tools will fuel your investigations into diversity
Advertisers, planners and buyers need to understand and map brand ROI, enquire into the deep detail of diverse media owner audiences and also to be able to raise direct and new questions to different diverse communities

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